Julie Andrews' response: "I think that's funny." 😂


How would you react if you met actress, singer, author, and Dame Julie Andrews? If you're anything like John, Rach's hubby, you might tear up a little. 

That's right. Julie Andrews joined Rach and John via video chat on Rachael, and the two were absolutely starstruck—so much so that John actually teared up! 

"It's such an honor to meet you," John emphatically told Julie, which brought on a small tear. John quickly wiped it away, but Rach noticed. 

"Oh, he's wiping a tear away!" Rach said. "John is literally crying. My husband is crying." 

Julie cracked up. "I think that's funny," she said. "What a sweet, soppy darling he is." 

After John stepped away to clean up and pull it together (which, same John, same), Julie offered a "spoonful of sugar" to everyone feeling scared and tired right now. 

"I know how difficult it is for us all to stay home and be patient and tactful and loving and everything else," she said. "It is a tough time for everybody and everybody's scared. I think probably making your kids feel really, really safe is hugely, hugely important." 

She's trying to do just that with her new podcast, Julie's Library. Julie's hosting the storytelling podcast with her daughter, Emma, who joined the video chat to talk about the podcast. The two have authored several children's books together and decided to take it a step further by reading children's books aloud. 

"The podcast is called Julie's Library, and it's set in a library," Emma said. "And mom and I are theoretically in the library together reading these wonderful books that we've chosen." 

The books won't be limited to just the ones Julie and Emma have written. "What we've tried to do is to select as broad and diverse a range of books as possible—in terms of different themes [and] cultural backgrounds," Emma said. "We wanted it to be as diverse as possible."

The podcast was already in the works, but the mother-daughter duo is releasing it early in light of the coronavirus pandemic. 

See the full visit with Julie Andrews on rachaelrayshow.com, and look out for her adorable, calming podcast soon!