Listen up, grassroots charity organizers!


I started our Yum-O! organization — an initiative we started 12 years ago, when we started our television show — to help children in three ways: Cook, Feed, and Fund. So we give scholarships, improve school food for kids, and feed hungry American children until there are no more American children going hungry. Our proceeds, in part, from everything that I draw and make and design and sell, fund Yum-O! So when I see food in abundance, I see how much my soul has been fed by what we've been able to do with our Yum-O! organization over the years. And that gave us a really good idea.

We've heard about so many amazing grassroots organizations out there, doing just that: trying to feed their community in one way or another. With the help of our Every Day magazine, Yum-O! just launched a brand-new initiative called the Feed It Forward contest. Here's how this works: If you have a non-profit and want to take your grassroots organization to the next level, now is your chance. The winner gets $3,000, a mentoring session with me (obviously - I think I have some good advice from over the years!). And, we're going to do a huge write-up in our April 2018 issue. For the full rules and entry, click here.

A few of my philanthropic friends will help me pick the winner! Read all about them here.