1. Cook the Book

gather and graze cook book
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

"We've had Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard on the show a few times, and I'm such a fan. She has a new cookbook out, Gather & Graze, and also has a great line of cooking sauces and spice mixes called This Little Goat." 

2. Biker Chic

hummingbird athletic cycling jersey
Credit: Photo courtesy Hummingbird Athletic

"Laura Buono, one of my former production assistants, has a beautiful line of women's cycling clothing: Hummingbird Athletic. The pieces feature playful designs by painter Kathleen Kuleto Spelman." Jump in the Line jersey ($135).

3. John's Cocktail: Fresh-Tomato Bloody Johnny

john's cocktail fresh tomato bloody johnny
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

"Loving my husband's cocktail of the month! It's a fresher take on a brunch classic made with cherry tomatoes."

4. Cool Beans

metric coffee men fans tasting
Credit: Photography by Anthony Barlich

"My friend Andrew Kaplan has been a fan of Metric Coffee since forever. They have a little café in Chicago and do classes there on everything from basic home brewing to espresso pulling. These people are top-notch and totally self-made." 

5. Win by a Neck

marquis pendant necklace
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

"I'm really into Jordan Hatfield's jewelry designs—especially her Marquis Pendant Necklace ($78). It's got cool boho vibes and a great price point."