See how our girl celebrated the release of her newest book! (Hint: It involves carbonara.)

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Today's the day! Rachael Ray 50: Memories and Meals from a Sweet and Savory Life is officially on sale, and we couldn't be more excited.

Rach's first cookbook since 2015includes essays and recipes that go beyond what you see on TV or in our magazine, offering a look at Rach's life (and food!) you won't get anywhere else. She shares some of her favorite stories from her 51 years of living, and the 125 recipes inside are ones she's never shared before.

Rach celebrated the release of her new book all day yesterday on her show with drinks, guests, and carbonara (naturally).

Today show co-host Al Roker kicked things off by turning the tables and interviewing Rach about her childhood and career—and the two reminisced on when Rach hung up on Al some 20 years ago when he invited her on the Today show.

"This storm of the century, according to Al, was coming to New York," Rach said. "The Today show had no guests; everybody canceled." So Rach got a call from Al's producer asking if she would come on the show and cook. "And I thought it was a prank!" Rach said. "I hung up."

Of course, Rach did end up going on the show, and soon after, she got a call from Food Network. So her success is really all Al's fault, she said. "I wouldn't have anything without you, Al. Thank you."

No celebration would be a Rach celebration without carbonara, though, so later, John joined Rach to whip up a new recipe, Carbonara Bucatini, from Rachael Ray 50. This version included tons of pancetta and garlic, along with imported bucatini from Italy and dry vermouth. It was so good John ate it straight from the pan—no bowl needed.

Visit the Rachael show website to see all the ways Rach celebrated her new book, and order your copy today!

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