This is NOT an April Fool's joke! Rach shared a first look at the '30 Minute Meals' reboot on her talk show, including favorite memories from the OG series.

Behind the Scenes of Rach's 30 Minute Meals reboot
Rachael Ray Show/YouTube
| Credit: Rachael Ray Show/YouTube

If you haven't heard, 30 Minute Meals is back—and better than ever! Rach and Food Network announced the reboot in January, and it's been highly anticipated by Rach's fans, old and new alike. Ahead of the reboot's April 1 premiere, Rachael Ray Show viewers got an inside look at the new show and reminisced about favorite memories from the old one. 

The kitchen on the reboot is newer and sleeker, but much of the show remains the same. There's still the "big ingredient gather" at the start of every episode, and Rach has the same relax-the-rules attitude everyone loves.

And behind every episode, there's still a great staff making sure the food is well styled, the bread is toasted and the cookies are dusted with plenty of powdered sugar.

Talk show viewers also got to hear about some of Rach's favorite 30-minute meals, including the first one she ever made for the show: pancetta-wrapped shrimp with sage down the back. "I had to make it so many times I didn't cook it again for, like, 15 years," Rach said.

When it comes to her favorite quick meal, Rach likes variety. "I'm not picky when it comes to food," she said. "I will literally eat anything." She regularly has a make-your-own-takeout night and a sandwich or burger night each week. And, of course, pasta is a must on Sundays. "My husband's conditioned me that way," she said. "As an Italian wife, on Sunday it's my duty to make pasta."

Enjoy these inside looks at Rach's reboot, and tune into the new 30 Minute Meals on Food Network 11 a.m. CST weekdays!