Let's rock!
Rachael Ray Magazine June cover
On the cover: Photography by Ari Michelson; Illustrations by Dave Homer
| Credit: On the cover: Photography by Ari Michelson; Illustrations by Dave Homer

Summer is the season to party, play, and enjoy the great outdoors, and food and music amplify the good times. Like in the movie Spinal Tap, on a dial that normally goes up to 10, food and music turn our summer fun factor up to 11! Great bites and our favorite songs filling the air are the common denominators that bring us together to celebrate how much we have in common. Summer cookouts and concerts make us wanna hug strangers. I lower my inhibitions and dance like a Peanuts character when Schroeder's on the piano. 

Because the days get longer, summer is the bargain season when we get more bang for our buck than in the cold, dark days of winter. And even though there's still 24 hours by the clock, there seem to be more hours to do everything: eat, drink, go to concerts, and just be lazy. 

I'm married to a musician. He's a lawyer by education, but my husband, John—make no mistake—is happiest and most fulfilled holding a guitar, behind a set of drums, or at a keyboard. He was born to music as I was born to food. I breathed a huge sigh of relief after I saw him play for the first time. Enjoying bad music is one thing this woman could not, will not, and cannot fake. John rocks. He is an amazing musician. His band, the Cringe, plays some dates each summer. Be on the lookout. 

john on guitar SXSW stage
Rach’s husband, John, onstage in Austin during SXSW
| Credit: Photography by Charles Reagan Hackleman

And at the magazine, music is what's on our minds right now. This issue is filled with playlists and coverage of all variety of summer music events and festivals, as well as what we do best: tasty, clever, flavor-filled food and recipes. Playlists are like recipes—a great way to say "I love you"—and they last longer than any meal and most other gifts. This issue is special because it has so much content about our collective love of food and music. Songs will run through your head as you turn through the pages. 

So eat, drink, play, and rock on!

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