Perfect gallery walls and up-leveled living rooms—can you say fab?


As anyone who's watched Queer Eye knows, Fab Five member Bobby Berk has an eye for design. His home renovations on the popular Netflix makeover series are always one of the most-anticipated transformations. Who doesn't love a good massive home reno?

But as Bobby demonstrated on the Rachael Ray Show, you don't have to spend a week gutting and renovating your house to make it look great. Small tweaks to wall designs and furniture heights can instantly transform your space.

Take your walls, for starters. "One of the things that people kind of neglect is their walls," Bobby said. "A lot of times they're like, 'Oh, we'll just do an accent wall. We'll just throw a little paint up there.'" That can be a bit boring, Bobby says, but an easy fix is installing adhesive textured wall panels made from recycled paper. You can hang them with double stick tape if you're in a rental, meaning literally anyone can use this hack to instantly make a space more interesting.

Another problem area is the bathroom, notably the rugs people put directly in front of their toilets. "These disgusting floor mats in front of a toilet—think about how much man pee is in that!" Rach said. A simple solution is placing a rug in front of the sink, making the bathroom more functional and less ... disgusting.

"And get one that you can wash, and then—oh!—wash it occasionally," Rach said. Consider getting a white rug that can be bleached. 

Bobby also shared tips for perfecting the gallery wall and adding levels to your living room. Watch the video for all of his tips on making your home as fabulous as the Fab Five themselves!