Head to this Denver hotel for a private puppy party complete with prosecco and Italian cicchettis.
puppies + prosecco
Glenda Catron
| Credit: Glenda Catron

If playing with puppies, sipping prosecco, and snacking on Italian cicchettis sounds like your ideal evening, pack your bags.

For four days this August, Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Denver is offering a Puppies + Prosecco package in honor of National Dog Day on August 26, and it sounds like utter paw-fection. 

Just imagine: You're chilling in your Luxury Suite in downtown Denver—lounging on the bed, wearing your coziest clothes, maybe listening to some jazz. There's a knock on your door, and in twaddle adorable pooches from Lifeline Puppy Rescue in Brighton, Colorado. Your heart is bursting as your new Best Friends For Life eagerly surround you and drown you in kisses. Prosecco arrives. You sip, snuggle, and think you're in heaven. Then Italian cicchettis from award-winning Denver restaurant Panzano are delivered straight to your door. You smile and think, "It can't get better than this."

But it can. When you book a night in a Luxury Suite at Kimpton Hotel Monaco and choose the Puppies + Prosecco package, 50 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Lifeline Puppy Rescue, a no-kill shelter for puppies in the Rocky Mountain Region. So while you're spending an evening playing with pups and experiencing pure, unadulterated pooch joy, you'll also be saving little Fidos around the state.

"At Hotel Monaco, we are always looking for advanced elements of comfort and feelings of home for our guests. With that approach, puppies have naturally been incorporated into our evening wine hour program through a fantastic partnership with Lifeline Puppy Rescue," said Chris Guse, general manager of Hotel Monaco Denver. "The joy this activation has generated for everyone involved made it apparent we needed to take the concept to another level but in a more intimate setting."

So how pretty of a penny will the whole shebang cost you? The package itself only costs $50, but the Luxury Suite will run you $729 per night. The deal is available from Thursday August 23 to Monday August 26. 

If you want to book, don't hesitate! The package is subject to availability.