Beer and pretzels have been BFFs forever but now, just in time for Oktoberfest,  you can enjoy the first-ever brewski actually infused with the salty snack.
Both flavors of SnyderBier

There are some combinations that are simply matches made in heaven: peanut butter and jelly, caviar and champagne, and pretzels and beer. No one knows this better than German-style pretzel manufacturer Snyder's of Hanover and craft beer producer  Captain Lawrence Brewing Co., so they got together to launch SnyderBier, the first-ever pretzel-infused beer. Whether gathering with friends in your backyard biergarten, or crashing cozily on the couch with some bratwurst and your favorite stein, SnyderBier is the perfect accompaniment to this year's Oktoberfest celebrations.

With the big one already canceled in Germany, the team wanted to create something for these uncertain times.  "With the possibility that Oktoberfest events may need to be canceled or move to virtual for the second year in a row, we wanted to give consumers an easy way to bring the spirit of the festival home," said Rachel Sasser, Director of Marketing, Pretzels, Nuts, and Popcorn, Campbell Snacks.

And that they did.  With two offerings, Pretzel Märzen and Pretzel Frücht (both brewed with Snyder's Mini Pretzels), they've nailed the taste of the season. Pretzel Frücht, a fun Gose style ale with the tropical flavors of guava and passion fruit combined with the light pretzel essence results in a crisp, sweetly-sour beverage that's perfect for these gorgeous, sunny last days of summer.  The more traditional Oktoberfest, lager-style Pretzel Märzen lends itself to cool autumn nights with its clean maltiness and more pronounced pretzel flavor. Both, of course, pair beautifully with your favorite pretzels. I mean, you can never have too much of a good thing, right?

If you want to give these beers a try don't hesitate as they're on a limited run and once they've sold out, they're gone.  To get your own 4 pack ($18.50), visit  The beers are also available in select retail locations nationwide, while supplies last.