File under: Huh? The edgy new color in restaurant design is, um, pale pink.


That softest of hues known lately as "millennial pink" has taken over fashion runways, hipsters' closets, and now, finally, fine dining. Rooms awash in shades typically found in Barbie's Dreamhouse are showing up at hot spots Stateside and beyond. Now who needs some Pepto-Bismol?    

sketch london
Credit: Courtesy of Sketch London

Abroad, restaurants like London's Sketch (above), Be Fast Pan y Pasteles in Madrid, and Nanan Patisserie in Wroclaw, Poland, have become dining destinations, thanks, in no small part, to their photogenic, cotton-candy looks. Because the only thing more important to a restaurant's success than the grub is the Instagrams. 

New york's piertro nolita
Credit: Photography by Spencer Ostrander

New York's Pietro Nolita douses nearly every inch of its interior (and much of its exterior) in monochromatic pink. "New York City is a tough place," says owner Pietro Quaglia. "Having pink as a main color of the restaurant feels joyful—people seem to like it."    

Alfred Tea Room
Credit: Photography by Mary Costa

You can find pure pink decor at eateries like Dig Inn in Boston's Back Bay and Alfred Tea Room (above) in Los Angeles. "Five years ago, people only wanted barn wood and Edison bulbs," says Amy Morris, cofounder of the MP Shift, the design firm responsible for the pops of pink at Verde and De Maria in New York. "People are more open to color now."

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