Feeding voters and feeding democracy.

If you're still on the fence about voting, maybe this will convince you: there is a nonprofit called Pizza to the Polls that sends free pizzas to people standing in long lines to vote.

It all started back during the 2016 election. The organization strives to keep voters full and satisfied as a sort of reward for voting despite long lines at the polls. "Fortunately Pizza to the Polls is here to deliver the one thing that pairs so perfectly with freedom: piping hot 'za," according to the org's website.

To request a pie, you just plug in the address and upload a photo to prove that there's a line of people. From there, Pizza to the Polls uses an app called Slice to find nearby pizzerias that will deliver to hungry voters. A quick scroll through PttP's Twitter account reveals the group typically sends each location between 4 and 16 pizzas. On the other end of things, you can use the site to donate money to the pizza fund ($10 a pie, though the site accepts any amount).

As of November 5th, a total of $96,719 has been contributed to Pizza to the Polls since 2016, and 1,108 pizzas have been sent. Right now, the nonprofit has a pizza fund of $25,102 and any money leftover when voting ends will go toward future voters or marchers.