Pickles can be polarizing, but the vinegary cuke has become the snack world’s most popular flavor.

pickle soft serve ice cream
Courtesy of Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.
| Credit: Courtesy of Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.

Forget pineapple—pickles are officially pizza's most divisive topping. Rhino's Pizzeria and Deli in Webster, New York, went viral last year when word hit that it was topping a pie with pickles and dill weed. Needless to say, pizza purists went berserk. Even Gordon Ramsay weighed in, commenting on Rhino's Facebook page with a simple "No." 

But there are plenty of believers. "People either love pickles or hate them," says Cindy Arena, Rhino's manager. "We have a map in the restaurant, and folks who have traveled from all over the country stick in a pin where they come from. We had a couple fly in from New York City to pick up two pickle pizzas and then went straight to the airport to fly back." 

The pickle has risen to an it-flavor for everything from Sonic slushies to Boom Chicka Pop popcorn. It's even being swirled into ice cream! At Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. in New York City, the pickle soft serve made with cucumber juice and a little salt is one of the most popular things on the menu, says general manager Taylor Gardner: "We've actually had to ramp up our delivery service to accommodate so many orders."