Will this unusual flavor make you turn green? Our pickle-loving managing editor road-tested Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.'s fun new offering.

I'm a fan of all things pickley. From garlicky sour pickles, pickled eggs, or just straight pickle juice, I love the briney stuff. Also, I've never met an ice cream I didn't like—including Ketchup & Mayo ice cream!—so when I heard about pickle soft serve at the Lucky Pickle Dumpling Company on the Upper West Side in NYC, I had to investigate.

Credit: Photo by Tara Cox

Charmed by the storefront's neon sign, I stepped inside and placed my order on one of the tablets. (Because it was as simple as pressing a button, I couldn't resist impulse-buying a $20 chicken-eating-a-pickle T-shirt as well). My name was called and my jaw dropped when I saw the serving size—it was humongous! But, man, was it pretty: one big, light-green soft serve swirl, topped with dried cucumbers for the full on "pickles and ice cream" look—ha! All this was piled into a long plastic vessel, giving you all the benefits of a cone, with none of the (ok, well, fewer) disastrous drips. 

Credit: Photo by Tara Cox

I had no idea what to expect as I faced the giant green whorl. Would it taste curdled? Sour? Would my cheeks and lips pucker into a fish face? Would there be garlic? I dug my spoon in for a sample and I was pleasantly surprised.

The ice cream tasted like cucumber (so refreshing!) with a light wave of briny goodness (even more refreshing!). It gave the sensation of a between-courses palette cleanser, wiping away all traces of anything unpleasant, including my worry that this might just be another feeble frozen fad. 

Credit: Photo by Tara Cox

So even if you're not a fan of fermented foods; or you're skeptical of things created especially for Instagram buzz, give this one a try. It's actually really fun ice cream!