Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not. Yeah, no, it definitely won't.

| Credit: Firebox

The chocolate-filled, egg-laden Easter holiday is over, and you might be feeling a little sad. If so, we have something that could help you overcome that feeling of loss. Maybe. We're not totally sure. 

It's a chunky chocolate egg with your face sculpted into it—a new creation from oddball gift company Firebox that Bustle recently discovered.

For $32.99, you can eat your face (or a friend's face) in chocolate form. Just send the company two pictures of the face you'd like chocolate egg-ified, and the company will model it in 3D and print it with a food-safe chocolate printer.

If that sounds like too much money and work for one low-key cannibalistic moment, note the egg's main redeeming quality: The sweet shell is 2 cm thick, which means you can't "obliterate it with a light pinch" as you can most Easter eggs, according to Firebox's product description.

It's also really big. The final product is over 7 inches tall and nearly 4 inches wide, which isn't too far from the average human face size.

Luckily, the egg lasts for six to eight weeks once unwrapped, so you don't have to rush to eat that large mass of shape-faced chocolate in one sitting.

Credit: Firebox

And, if after receiving it, you're a little too freaked out by the thought of eating your or your pal's face, that's OK (and, for the record, probably normal). The egg will last for six months unopened, so you can take some time to carefully consider whether you really want to eat that puppy.

Maybe eating a huge egg of Peruvian chocolate will be enough to fill your Easter void. Maybe it will make you sick and push you over the Easter hump. Maybe the mere thought of a face-shaped chocolate egg is all you need to officially close the door on the Easter holiday. 

The face egg is what you make of it. Literally.