Purveyors of your grocery store's most upscale mustard have gotten into the wine business with La Moutarde Vin, a bright white made with the same seeds found in the famous dijon.

Grey Poupon Mustard Wine

When I was a kid, I'm not sure anything was more upscale than a jar of Grey Poupon dijon mustard.  I mean, they even had that commercial where the English gentleman being driven through the countryside lunched in the rear of his fancy car, while his white-gloved driver revealed a  jar of said mustard from behind the door of the posh wooden glove compartment. (I mean, #goals!) But, they stop as another gentleman in an equally upscale car pulls up alongside him, practically begging for some mustard (ok, ok, he politely – very politely in that way only true British aristocracy can present –queries that famous line, "Pardon me, but would you have any Grey Poupon?") to which our initial gentleman replies in that perfectly polite British brush off, "But of course!" as he drives away without sharing the goods.  I mean...BURN! This mustard's so good, this well-mannered nobleman wouldn't even share!  (Then again, it was the greedy 80's....)

Anyway, I digress.  Let's fast forward to 2021 where the fanciest mustard of them all has branched out. Where they used to boast that they used wine instead of vinegar in their formula, they've now flipped the script and have created a wine infused with mustard seeds. Why? Why not! They're celebrating their ingredients and famed brand to encourage folks to slow down and savor the flavors.

I was excited as I love a good mash-up. This white wine is made with Viognier grapes which are known for their full-bodied, perfumed flavor. I wasn't sure if it was going to taste like a mouthful of watered-down dijon, but in fact, it's a super-drinkable easy, and tasty white.  The flavor is lush yet soft with a minerality – along with the mustard seed spice – that prevents it from being too sweet or boring. Whites aren't my favorite, but I found this appealing to my palate that craves clean, funky flavors that are on the other side of sweet.

I also love how La Moutarde is being sold as a lunch wine, with suggested pairings such as a  Croque Monsieur or charcuterie board, where I can see both the wine and food come alive. La Moutarde Vin launched earlier this week as a very limited edition.  To get yours, click here.  In addition, this wine's so legit it can be found on the menu of Ami Gabi, a classic French bistro with locations in Maryland, Illinois, Nevada, and Virginia.

And if you do find yourself being driven around the countryside while lunching in the backseat with your Grey Poupon and mustard wine, remember, sharing is optional.