Letter From Rach: More Than 50 Recipes Later, Why I'm *Still* Obsessed with Deviled Eggs

Spring, sprang, sprung!
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Where I come from, late March and April defy Phil the Groundhog year after year. We see pockets of ice and snow up behind our house in the Adirondacks as late as June. That’s why this month’s 30-Minute Meals is a mash-up of the last of comfort food season (risotto and soup) and the first of the springtime ingredients that we can get our hands on. It’s also mud season in upstate New York. I try not to look at our floors too much: Salt and dried mud might make a good skin exfoliator, but what they do to wood…not so pretty. 

The season also brings Easter and Passover, meaning family and friends gather, often for the first time since Christmas and Hanukkah. I’m not much for pastel colors, but I am a sucker for little boys in new suits and girls in spring dresses. And I love a good hat, even a bonnet. (Though my head is so big, I rarely can find one to show off myself.) 

One symbol of spring grabs my attention more than all the others: the egg. I am stuffed-egg obsessed. In this issue, our culinary team has nine spins on the stuffed egg. Want more? Every year on our daytime show, we do a full-on egg-o-rama and offer five new stuffed egg recipes, so keep an eye out in the lead-up to Easter. In my cookbooks, I’ve written maybe 50 more stuffed-egg recipes. It’s hard to pick favorites, but crowd-pleasers include my traditional deviled eggs (which I turn into egg salad the next day, then add guacamole, lettuce, tomato, and onion for sandwiches), my Caesar eggs (minced romaine and egg yolks mashed into thick Caesar dressing), and my crème fraîche, dill, and chive eggs topped with caviar. (Sidebar: Equally delish with caviar are José Andrés potato chips.) If you color hard-boiled eggs with food-safe dye for Easter, keep them refrigerated after you show them off (just be sure they’re not out for more than two hours) and then they can be peeled and stuffed when their festive work is done. 

Looking for another way to celebrate the green season? Check out my hubby John’s Green with Envy. Full of fresh greens, it’s the cocktail of the month!

That's all in the April 2018 issue right now—if you don't have a magazine on hand, keep checking RachaelRayMag.com over the next few weeks to get all the goods.

Cheers to spring!

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