It's about time!


Oreo has been milk's favorite cookie for over a hundred years, but only now is Frankford Candy finally making it a little easier for the dynamic duo to get together. As of the 2018 holiday season, Oreo lovers can officially take their cookie-dunking experience to a new level with the Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set.

Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Not that dipping Oreos in milk has ever been difficult, per se, but the cookies do hit the occasional speed bump on the way to your mouth (the glass isn't wide enough to dunk the Oreo, your fingers get wet, etc.). Well, dunking dilemmas begone, because the $18 Ultimate Dunking Set ensures a 100% pleasurable dunking and snacking experience. Each set comes with two glass mugs wide enough to fit your Oreos, two attachable containers to stack cookies, a pair of tongs to prevent milky fingers during dipping, a couple of napkins, and 13 Oreos. Oh, and because winter is right around the corner, the set comes packaged in a snowflake-covered box. 

The only problem with this ingenious invention? It may not be as easy to get your hands on as you'd hope. Walmart is currently selling the set for $18, but according to the website, it's out of stock. You can still pick up a set on Amazon, but it'll set you back at least $50. But hey, if your full-on addicted to the little black and white cookies (totally fine, by the way), it just may be worth it. 

Buy it: $18 from Walmart (once restocked) or $50 from Amazon