Sorry, gingerbread, but a house made out of chocolate is too good to pass up.
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Gingerbread houses are a classic holiday tradition, stemming all the way back to 16th century Germany. The story of Hansel and Gretel—yes, the one where a witch nearly eats two children—popularized the idea of a house built entirely with dessert. Nowadays, gingerbread house kits are sold everywhere during the holidays, and kids and adults alike love building the cozy cookie contraptions.

It's almost 2020, though. Gingerbread was good to us for years, but we all know what kind of cookie is better—chocolate. More specifically, Oreos. This year, thanks to milk's favorite brand-name cookie, we can build our sugar-filled houses from Oreo's with the new Holiday Chocolate Cookie House kit. What a world we live in. 


Why ditch gingerbread? The spiced cookie may seem festive, but once it's all glued together with icing and topped with miscellaneous candies, eating it is much less appealing. Do gingerbread and sugary candy actually work together? You're not sure anymore. Picture this instead: chocolatey cookies layered with sweet, creamy icing and extra Oreos for decoration. That's infinitely better than dry gingerbread, and you know it.

Even better, the kit is available in different sizes at all your favorite stores. Big Lots is selling two versions—the standard 30 oz. size, plus an adorable miniature version (for just $5!) that's 8.5 oz. You'll also be able to find the standard size at Michael's and Bed Bath & BeyondWalmart is selling the miniature house and an Oreo cookie decorating set (so you can add some cookie residents to your cookie house). The best version, though, is available on Amazon and includes five miniature houses to make an entire Oreo village. Seriously—that sounds like an ideal living situation.


The Oreo Holiday Chocolate Cookie Houses all include pre-baked cookie pieces and pre-made icing, plus mini and regular-sized Oreos, fruity gummies, and candy jewels. Once everything is assembled, decorating (and eating!) will be a perfect holiday activity for all ages.

Your house deserves a chocolatey redesign, so leave gingerbread for the regular cookies. Pour yourself a big glass of milk, and get building!