In honor of National Cheese Day, we take a moment to honor one of our favorite cheesy snacks.


I fully believe in science, but I've chosen not to outgrow the myth that the moon is made of cheese. I mean, c'mon. What a wonderful universe it would be if Earth's natural satellite was really made of a fatty ball of dairy, complete with a face watching over us à la the old Honeymooners TV show's opening credits.

It was years ago that I first spotted Moon Cheese in a specialty store. I stopped in my tracks to examine the small package's picture of what looked like little chunks of our cheesy moon and wasted no time purchasing them. 


Upon returning home, I proceeded to tear open my sack of lunar cheddar and pop one in my mouth. "Oh, the moon is made of cheese, and it's delicious," I thought, and all was OK in the world. Even better, it came in flavors including cheddar, gouda, and pepper Jack, along with more recent additions like Garlickin' Parmesan, Cheddar Bacon Me Crazy and  White Chedda Black Peppa.

These nuggets of dehydrated cheese remind me of a more sophisticated, adult evolution of one of my favorite childhood snacks, Cheez Doodles, but without all the junk and processing. They're a concentrated burst of crunchy cheese flavor—the perfect snack to keep in my bag when I'm on the go or to much on at night with a perfectly paired glass of wine. You could even throw them in a salad or smash them into small pieces and use as chicken breading. [Note to self: Try this!]

Now, Moon Cheese is pretty easy to get (I've seen it at Whole Foods, Starbucks, and my local Target), so I'm sure to have a regular supply. I'm pretty sure that the big sphere of cheese in the sky will keep replenishing, so I can celebrate every day like it's National Cheese Day.

Find Moon Cheese at your local retailer or order online. Right now, you can also nominate a front line worker to receive a free Moon Cheese care package from the company.