This funky flavor has been popping up in all sorts of unexpected places. We sniffed out what's good in the newest truffle-flavored trend.

Trufflin Black Truffle Ranch

Trufflin Ranch_Trufflin_Solo_Q2A6994_White

This creamy Trufflin Black Truffle Ranch ($19.99) blends two strong flavors into one powerfully tasty condiment. Great as a dip for veggies and chicken or for artfully squeezing on a sandwich, its distinct flavor will elevate whatever you pair it with. If ranch isn't your thing, Trufflin also makes black truffle-infused honey, sriracha, and buffalo sauce. 

Eastern Standard Provisions Let's Get Saucy Gourmet Soft Pretzel Gift Pack

Truffle Mustard 10.20.20

You'll want to spend all winter snacking on the Eastern Standard Provisions Let's Get Saucy Gift Pack ($42.99)—a delicious snack box complete with soft pretzels and truffle dips from Sabatino Tartufi. The truffle mustard dip provides a nice spin on the classic mustard and pretzel pairing while the truffle hot sauce brings a little more zing to snack time. 

Foodgod Truffle Ketchup

Food God Rosario Safina 2nd00460[2]

Made with white truffles, Foodgod Truffle Ketchup ($19.95) is so unapologetically truffly and unstoppably addictive you may never go back to plain old ketchup again. Try it with tots for a match made in heaven—trust me, I did some heavy research on that one.  

Wisconsin Marieke Gouda Truffle

Truffle 1-1

Marieke Gouda Truffle ($16.59) is anaward-winning, hand-crafted gouda that marries harmoniously with black truffles to create a light and sophisticated flavor profile. Enjoy it on its own or as a standout on your cheese board. 

D'Artagnan Truffle Turkey Breast


Who needs a truffled topping when the turkey itself is made with truffles? All-natural and antibiotic-free, D'Artagnan Truffle Turkey Breast ($54.99) is first coated with truffles, then cooked sous-vide style, infusing it with the truffle's essence while preserving the meat's juiciness. The subtle truffle flavor makes this a versatile bird that works just as easily as the main course as it does for sandwiches, salads, pot pies, or snacking. 

TRUFF Hot Sauce Variety Pack


Never eat flavorless food again. The TRUFF Hot Sauce Variety Pack ($69.99) gives you three delicious truffle-infused hot sauces to drizzle over any food: regular black truffle hot sauce, extra-hot black truffle hot sauce, and white truffle hot sauce. All three blend spicy and earthy flavors for a whole new experience that might ruin regular hot sauce for you. (P.S.—You can also buy each flavor on its own.) 

Wood River Creamery Black Truffle Gruyere Cheese

Truffle Custom Stock-003

At first taste, the Wood River Creamery Black Truffle Gruyere Cheese ($4.29 for 8 ounces)barely exposes the truffles held within its dense creaminess. But soon enough, the funkiness reveals itself and slowly builds up to a robust, earthy, and delicious finish. The cheese makes for a heavy-duty lifter on a charcuterie plate, but we also like Wood River's other serving suggesting of shredding it on pasta.