With Soap Distillery, you can smell like a bar, in a good way.

cocktail scented bars of soap
Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook
| Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

Soap Distillery, a line of cocktail-inspired bath and body products, combines the pleasures of nightcaps and nightly soaks. We're talking sugar scrubs in scents like limoncello and bourbon and bar soaps in flavors like mint mojito and Negroni. 

"I love using natural soaps but became bored seeing the same scents over and over," says founder Danielle Martin. "As I was drinking a cocktail, I thought, What if I make soaps that smell like cocktails? Soap Distillery was born shortly after."

Despite the imitation, the only soaps with actual alcohol in them are the beer varieties, "because it makes the soap feel amazing," says Martin. "Liquor doesn't offer much benefit for the skin, and it's an expensive additive to just wash off of you." 

Instead, most of the boozy scents come from a blend of essential oils that mimic the aroma of the liquid inspiration. 

A gin bar, for example, has notes of juniper berry and lemon, and a bourbon candle combines smoked oak with a hint of vanilla. 

With prices starting at $7, we definitely just found our new favorite version of barhopping.