People are equal parts intrigued and disgusted.


Junk-food lovers, your dream food has arrived. Starting July 1, KFC is selling a Cheetos chicken sandwich at all of its stores. This orange-hued 'wich features an extra-crispy chicken fillet smothered in a cheesy, Cheetos-infused sauce and layered atop fistfuls of crunchy Cheetos and a generous swipe of mayo. 

This crispy, crunchy, super cheesy concoction was originally tested at select KFC restaurants in North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. Apparently, the sammy did well enough in those markets for KFC to take it nationwide. 

However, feedback on the sandwiches has been mixed. 

Some people gave glowing reviews. "It was every bit as weirdly delicious as it was in our prepubescent dreams," wrote one reviewer with Business Insider. "OH MY ACTUAL HEAVENS IS IT GOOD," scream-wrote another with Delish.

Others weren't impressed. "The flavor was a bit one note," wrote a Thrillist reviewer. "It was just salty and cheesy in every bite—there was no escaping the all-consuming taste of Cheeto dust." 

Twitter users were equally torn, and lots of people were shook by how much the sandwiches screamed "diabetes." 

But a lot of people were just upset there wasn't a Flamin' Hot Cheetos version. 

Even the Thrillist reviewer agreed: "I'm picturing a crispy chicken filet, chile oil derived from Hot Cheetos, Hot Cheetos crumbles, and a refreshing slaw or pickles. That would be finger lickin' good—and something I would 100% get behind."

If you're intrigued enough to try one, don't dawdle too long! The Cheetos sandos, which sell for $4.79, are only available for four weeks starting July 1.