Our resident glitter aficionado tells you everything you need to know about the new product—and how to get your hands on the second batch before it sells out!

As a self-proclaimed glitter and sparkle enthusiast, I have been extremely pleased to see how easy it's become to get my hands on so many shiny things these days. Glitter is all the rage these days, and that's great news for me. If it sparkles, I have to have it.


Imagine the joy in my heart when I came across Runamok Maple Sparkle Syrup ($16.95). How could this be? Until now, I thought my only chance to eat anything sparkly was in the form of sprinkles. But Runamok made my dreams come true. An edible, naturally glimmering mica is added to the Vermont maple syrup to make anything you pour it on shine bright like diamonds.

An ever-so-slightly milder version of the sweet brunch essential, this maple syrup is a tasty and beautiful alternative to refined sugars. I have so enjoyed using it brighten up all sorts of foods. Drizzling a bit on my yogurt and granola, I almost "jazz-hands-ed" the spoon right out of my fingers. And oooh! I loved seeing the sparkly flecks when I used it to sweeten a batch of apple sauce. Not to mention, it's a magical way to brighten up my Sunday morning pancakes!

Sparkle Syrup (1)

I typically add a couple of teaspoons of maple syrup to my daily cup of coffee. What better way to cheer up a Monday morning cup of joe? It's much easier getting out of bed knowing that I get to start my day on the glittery side of life. Now I can shine on the inside and the outside.

Ready to razzle-dazzle your taste buds? The first run of this syrup sold out, but don't fret! You can pre-order now for the next release on October 15 at runamokmaple.com. Get a jump on your holiday shopping and buy this for the lover of all things shiny in your life.