Looking to expand your record collection? (Fun fact: Rachael's includes more than 2,500... all vinyl!) These five musical acts—a little familiar but totally fresh—are about to become your on-repeat faves.

Kandace Springs with back to keyboard
Jazz singer Kandace Springs channels soulful divas of past and present on her latest album.
| Credit: Photography by Mathieu Bitton

If you like Chris Stapleton, you’ll love Logan Ledger

Honkytonk heartbreak has a new voice in Logan Ledger, and what a voice it is: a lush, quivery croon that breaks like a major league curveball. You get bits of Elvis, George Jones, and Roy Orbison in Ledger's self-titled debut's songs of last-call loneliness, but on the whole you'll hear a love for old-school country.

If you like Cassandra Wilson, you’ll love Kandace Springs

With a tone like raw silk, jazz singer and pianist Kandace Springs has worked with artists from classical pianist Lang Lang to the Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah. Now she's putting her supple voice toward honoring those who inspired her to get behind a microphone. The Women Who Raised Me is her tribute to the songs of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Dusty Springfield, and more. 

If you like Mumford & Sons, you’ll love The Lone Bellow

With their new album, Half Moon Light, this Nashville trio's rootsy Americana sound has swelled to include bright horns and stinging electric guitar, but their songs still thrum with a tent-revival urgency. Even quiet moments feel anthemic thanks to stirring harmonies that light a fire under singer Zach Williams's simmering bray. 

If you like Bill Withers, you’ll love Michael Kiwanuka

If you only know his soulful rasp from "Cold Little Heart," the brooding theme song to Big Little Lies, you owe it to yourself to experience Michael Kiwanuka in full. Off his third album, titled KIWANUKA, songs like "Piano Joint" radiate with passion, both personal and for an elusive sense of justice, that makes his current world tour a thrilling evening. 

If you like Lauryn Hill, you’ll love Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez's voice is as warm and scratchy as a wool sweater, but her lyrics drop cold truths. Nestled in thumping hip-hop and club-music beats, the Colombian-Canadian singer-songwriter delivers jolts of raw emotion on everything from changeful lovers to family separations. Listening to the groove of her debut (due in March), you can't help but nod along.

Party Playlist

Here are nine great tunes that Rach and her hubby, John, are currently loving for their go-to dinner party soundtrack—some classics, some crowd-pleasers, all sure to set the tone for a very fun hang. 

1. "Saw Lightning" Beck 

2. "We Are Young" Fun (feat. Janelle Monáe) 

3. "Sunday Driver" The Raconteurs 

4. "Lo/Hi" The Black Keys 

5. "Life to Fix" The Record Company 

6. "Everybody's Coming to My House" David Byrne 

7. "Needles in the Camel's Eye" Brian Eno 

8. "Old Town Road" Lil Nas X (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) 

9. "Bad Reputation" Joan Jett