Plus, a spooky-cool playlist from Rach and John!

If you like Taylor Swift, you’ll love Ingrid Andress

The shiver that shoots down your spine when you hear a song that feels like your inner monologue, only more clever? Ingrid Andress's Lady Like has a lot of those. The voice that wrung poignancy out of her hit "More Hearts Than Mine" bridges country and pop with thoughtful takes on messy breakups and their messier aftermath. Her "Life of the Party" is the tequila-shot update of "Tears of a Clown" we've needed.

Elah Hale
Elah Hale
| Credit: Photo Courtesy Paradigm Talent Agency

If you like Billie Eilish, you’ll love Elah Hale

Elah Hale makes music to luxuriate in. Her unhurried songs create atmosphere often out of nothing more than some spare beats, shimmery keyboards, and her own lustrous voice. Then there's the pure pop bliss of "Posters," which, though released in the ick of winter, is the perfect song for a dreamy end-of-summer evening.

| Credit: Photography by Andrea Savall

If you like Joan Jett, you’ll love Hinds

Roll down the windows and crank up this raucous all-female Spanish band. The Prettiest Curse is a rollicking good time; its fuzzed-out pop-rock brims with the energy of a girls' night out. Some songs are sung in English, some in Spanish, but their infectious brand of lively garage punk makes its case as the universal language.

Margo Price
Margo Price
| Credit: Photography by Bobbi Rich

If you like Patty Griffin, you’ll love Margo Price

Margo Price's petal-soft voice hides a snarl—but just barely—snaking through songs that range from plaintive Americana to stomping country rock. That balance of tough and tender gives That's How Rumors Get Started its lived-in feel; she sees through all the BS and the woman in the mirror.

Orion Sun
Orion Sun
| Credit: Photography by Sophie Hur

If you like Lauryn Hill, you’ll love Orion Sun

Multi-instrumentalist Orion Sun's Hold Space for Me is an affecting pop rendering of still-figuring-it-out romance. Everything is intimate: the slow pace, the hushed vocals that give lyrics the feel of something said at the end of an embrace. Her inventive hip-hop beats shamble to their own gait like young love shaking the earth beneath your feet.

Spooky-Cool Songs

Here are 10 hauntingly good jams that Rach and her hubby, John, are currently loving for their Halloween party playlist.

1. "Bad Moon Rising" Creedence Clearwater Revival

2. "Walkin' After Midnight" Patsy Cline

3. "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)" David Bowie

4. "Murder by Numbers" The Police

5. "People Are Strange" The Doors

6. "Werewolves of London" Warren Zevon

7. "Rapture" Blondie

8. "Tubular Bells (From 'The Exorcist')" Mike Oldfield

9. "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" Chris Isaak

10. "Black Moon Creeping" The Black Crowes

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