It works even better on wet, fresh-out-the-shower skin.


Whether you're willing to admit it or not, winter is almost upon us. And along with the frigid air most parts of the country experience, comes itchy, dry, scaly skin. Luckily, skincare brand Curél is here to combat thirsty winter skin with the new Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer Itch Defense

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Credit: Courtesy of Curel

Oh please, you might say. I've tried every anti-itch lotion under the sun, you might say. Trust me, you're preaching to the choir. But that's where the whole "wet skin moisturizer" thing comes into play. While you can use this $11 moisturizer to nix itchy skin any time of the day, the ceramide, oatmeal extract, and Vitamin E-infused formula hydrates best on just-showered, still-wet skin. And if you're wondering if that means you're doomed to an entire day of sticky or greasy residue left on the skin, put your worries to rest – wet skin drinks this stuff up instantly, so it leaves your body soft and smooth without feeling too slippery. Another reason we have mad love for this lotion? It's totally scent-free! So say hello to moisturized skin without irritation or an overly perfume-y smell.

I knew this lotion was something special after just one pump. I have quite the habit of using lotion every time I wash my hands, as dry palms are a weird pet peeve of mine. I've tested more lotions and moisturizers than I could possibly count thanks to dry skin that runs in the family. After using most lotions, my reaction is something along the lines of, "Well, at least my hands feel better than they did before." But after slathering a small amount of this new product onto my palms, they didn't just feel better. They felt... good. Normal. Moisturized in a way that I thought only summer humidity could pull off. It's like the lotion took the leftover water on my just-washed hands and ran with it, providing perfectly-soothed skin I haven't seen in months. And that's just after using it on my hands, people. My notoriously winter-dry legs don't know what they're in for...

Buy it: Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer Itch Defense ($11 on Amazon)