Merriam-Webster added some new food words to the dictionary.


Language is constantly evolving and while some words have a relatively short shelf life, others seem here to stay—at least so says Merriam-Webster. Here are 10 words were are now officially grammatically correct. We're for realz excited.

1. Marg: Short for margarita. As in: TGIF. I could really go for a marg right now.

2. Guac: You're obviously going to need some guac and chips to go with those margs... 

fruit infused homemade mocktails
a href=""Yes, you want a mocktail right now./a
| Credit: Photography by Johnny Miller

3. Mocktail: Forget meatless Mondays. Think mocktail Mondays. For when you want something celebratory, but without the alcohol. 

4. Zuke: Also known as zucchini. Plural: zukes.

5. Zoodle: What do you get when you turn your zukes into noodles? Yup, zoodles

Avocado Toast
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6. Avo: Go ahead and #justaddavo.

7. Gochujang: Sriracha is so last year. The new condiment you need to know about is this Korean chili paste. 

8. Hophead: Your friend who's totally into beer? He's a total hophead. 

9. Mise en place: This is a culinary word for prepping and organizing your ingredients. It's French (and fancy).

10. Hangry: When you're too busy to eat lunch and you're so hungry you're angry.