Get in, loser, we're going to Santa Monica.

It's October 3. Before 2004, that date didn't mean anything special. If you've never seen Tina Fey's iconic comedy movie, the date probably doesn't mean anything to you either. But for the past 15 years—ever since the Plastics came into our lives—October 3 has been unofficially known as Mean Girls Day.

Since then, the limit does not exist on the amount of times we can call something fetch, wear pink on Wednesdays, and fake cough when giving an excuse to not leave the house. Mean Girls gave an entire generation of fans unlimited Instagram captions—and now it's giving them a temporary Instagram playground, too.

In the spirit of the recent obsession with reboots, reunions, and nostalgic pop-ups, a Mean Girls-themed restaurant—called Fetch, of course—will be open in Santa Monica on the weekends November 9-10, November 16-17, and November 23-24. Though the full menu is not yet released, Plastics wannabes who snag tickets will be served a three-course meal, including the Just Stab Caesar Salad and Whatever Cheese Fries—all complete with pink dressing, cheese, and coleslaw (even if it's not Wednesday).

While Fetch isn't affiliated with the Mean Girls cast or crew, the pop-up is sure to meet Gretchen Wiener's definition of its name. The dress code is, of course, pink, and the film's soundtrack will be played while fans dine on their fuchsia food. Plus, the space will take the form of the school cafeteria—the spot where many of the movie's iconic moments took place. Decor will also keep in mind Halloween and Christmas, the two holidays that are celebrated in the duration of the movie. (Who could forget the infamous "Jingle Bell Rock" dance?)

There's no better day than Mean Girls Day to release tickets for the pop-up, so buy yours today. The $45 ticket will buy you a 90-minute session at Fetch—plenty of time for food, drinks, and photos. So what are you waiting for? Gather your clique because at Fetch, you can sit with us.