Let the Golden Arches come to you. 🍟


McDonald's wants you to order in. Specifically this Thursday, September 19th, when the beloved food chain is offering a mandated night off from cooking: McDelivery Night In. The third annual event is a celebration of the McDonald's delivery service, a partnership with Uber Eats, which now reaches one million customers on a daily basis.

Thursday dinner (or any weeknight dinner, tbh) can be super daunting, so instead of worrying about shopping for ingredients, whipping up recipes, and planning ahead, the global food giant wants you to take one night off to truly enjoy time with loved ones (or just yourself—we won't judge). Which makes perfect sense considering 60 percent of McDelivery orders are placed at night.

"We're calling on our customers around the world to take a break and join us for a well-deserved night in," said Steve Easterbrook, McDonald's President and CEO, in a press release. Relax, unwind, and indulge in a meal delivered straight to your door.

McDelivery Night In Choose Your Own Adventure Infographic

That's not all McDelivery Night In promises, though. McDonald's is thinking outside the (takeout) box and serving up a food-themed apparel line. Yes, you read that right—McDonald's Delivery Night In clothing and accessories are coming soon to a menu near you. By placing an order above $10 from one of thousands of participating U.S. locations on Sept. 19 starting at 5 p.m. local time, fast food fanatics can receive a limited-edition item while supplies last. Burger socks, fry tees, and bright yellow slippers are just a few pieces of golden gear you can snag.

McDelivery Night In Photo 1

So if the Thursday dinner dilemma is frying your brain, drop the cooking utensils and grab your phone. Whether you choose a solo burger and fry sesh, family nugget night, or splitting a shake with a friend, take the night to lounge around, possibly in new sesame-seed socks or a Mickey-D's-minted scrunchie. Whatever you get, it'll probably have you saying, "I'm lovin' it."

For more information about McDelivery Night In, visit McDeliveryNightIn.com.