Make the Most of a Holiday at Home

Home for the holidays? Make your trip into a mini-staycation to keep yourself (and the fam) entertained in between festivities.

See Public Art

Talk about street cred: Some of the coolest art a city has to offer can be found on its sidewalks. Search for sculptures, graffiti, stenciling and installations in the city you're visiting at

Eat Hotel Food

Just because you're not renting a room doesn't mean you can't enjoy the hotel's amenities. Scan the 100 best hotel restaurants on, then download the list to your iPod for easy reference when you're out and about.

Cruise the Highways

View the open road before you cruise it. has bird's-eye views of local highways so you can glimpse what's beyond the entrance ramp.

Hit the Slopes

When family bonding gets old, take a breather atop local peaks and mountains. provides images and trail maps of nearby snow-sport resorts, as well as up-to-the-minute weather and snowfall reports.

Rent a Car...In the 'Burbs

Even if you didn't opt for a rental car at the airport, chances are good you can still score one around town if there's a Toyota dealership nearby. About 85 percent of dealerships rent cars, and some even have a free shuttle service to pick you up or drop you off at the airport. Visit

Cheer the Locals

When you just need to chugalug a cold one, tell your family you want to sample the locally made beers. First consult, which lets you view locations of nearby breweries and create your own map using your relative's address as the starting point.

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*Prices and other details were accurate when we published this article in November 2009.