We chat with Zach Beaman, the director of operations at Mission Firefly, which provides healthy food to children in Alabama schools through its Lunches of Love initiative.

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What was the inspiration behind Lunches of Love?

Our organization, Mission Firefly, serves people all around the world in many capacities. After going overseas and bringing clean water and food to others, we felt a need to serve our local communities as well. Thus, Lunches of Love was created. We found three kids at a local school who were in need of aid so we started there because you have to start somewhere, right? Now we serve meals and snacks to 1,100 kids in northern Alabama every week.

How do you see Lunches of Love growing in the next few years?

We've been working to be able to move into new school systems. We've had discussions with a school system in southern Alabama this year and hope to begin serving there in August.

What is the ultimate goal for your nonprofit?

To help people get involved in serving their local communities and to leave no kids hungry. That is obviously a huge goal, but we believe that God will allow us to be exposed to needs and we will meet those needs as they come. 

Learn more and give support at missionfirefly.org/lunches-of-love.