As part of our #LIKEABOSS series celebrating women in the food world, we asked five bloggers we love to tell us all about the female food bloggers *they* love right now. Get ready to hit that follow button!

Hummingbird High (Michelle Lopez)

Why we love her: Hummingbird High features elegant recipes with unusual ingredients and yet keeps it all totally approachable. If you've got a sweet tooth, she is definitely one to follow. (Psst, high-altitude dwellers: you're in luck! She has a ton of recipes for you in her archives from when she lived in Denver.)

Michelle's Faves:

1. Coco Cake Land (

Instagram: @cococakeland

Why she rocks: "Lyndsay is a ray of sunshine and a source of never-ending inspiration to me. She's a survivor of breast cancer, and even throughout her fight, she continued to post bright and colorful cakes to help her stay positive and remind her of the fun of life. Her honesty and candor is unparalleled, while her cakes are cute and quirky, and are a perfect reflection of her."

2. Hungry Girl Por Vida (

Why she rocks: "Cindy has been blogging since 2008, and I've been following her blog for as long as I can remember. I really like her recipes because they tend to be classic and timeless in nature — unlike some blogs that tend to focus on the latest trends, Cindy's desserts are the ones you remember from your childhood but with a modern twist to keep them fresh and up-to-date. Think: a pumpkin spice bundt with Bailey's, brownies swirled with cheesecake and raspberries."

3. La Pêche Fraîche (

Instagram: @rachelhsally

Why she rocks: "Is it possible to look up to somebody who is younger than you? If so, Rachel's definitely my role model. She's an incredibly talented home baker, putting together desserts and bakes that wouldn't be out of place at a French patisserie. Plus, she bakes and blogs while maintaining a full-time job! She impresses me with each and every post."

4. The Pancake Princess (

Instagram: @thepancakeprincess  

Why she rocks: "For the last few months, Erika has been doing these bake-off series where she bakes different recipes of classic baked goods and taste tests them with friends. It's been crazy fun to follow along and I've been learning so much from her research!"

5. Style Sweet Ca (

Instagram: @stylesweetca  

Why she rocks: "A former bakery owner turned blogger extraordinaire, Tessa is the QUEEN of layer cakes. Her first cookbook focused exclusively on them and has been a resource and handbook to me for many years. If you need to know how to frost a cake beautifully and easily, Tessa's your girl."

Lulu the Baker (Melissa Bahen)

Why we love her: When we're not swooning over Lulu the Baker's industrial-meets-farmhouse kitchen, we're drooling over her recipes, including these Swedish-Style Jam Cakes. Originally meant to keep record of family recipes, her site transformed into a library of fun project ideas and a diary of her daily living and cooking in Oregon.

Melissa's Faves:

1. Kelsey Nixon (

Instagram: @kelseynixon 

Why she rocks: "Kelsey posts real food for home cooks. Whether it's experiments with and honest reviews of her new Instant Pot, her menu for the week, or her latest peanut butter brownie recipe, she's always posting something helpful and actionable, something that you can say, 'That looks delicious! I'm going to make it tonight and my family will love it.' And she posts a ton of recipes on her actual Instagram account, which I think is super generous."

2. What's Gaby Cooking (

Instagram: @whatsgabycookin

Why she rocks: "Basically every single thing Gaby makes looks incredibly delicious, but totally attainable at the same time. I have an Instagram collection of recipes I want to make, and lots of the posts I've tagged are Gaby's. Her recipes just always look so good, and the ones I've made ARE!"

3. The Kitchen McCabe (

Instagram: @thekitchenmccabe 

Why she rocks: "Kayley's photography is absolutely gorgeous. I have another Instagram collection for food styling inspiration, and it is chock full of her photos. The lighting, the composition, and the colors are just amazing. I feel like I do better at styling my own photos after spending some time looking at Kayley's!"

4. My Name is Yeh (

Instagram: @mollyyeh 

Why she rocks: "Molly's fun, joyful personality is infectious, and comes through in both her writing and her photography. Her recipes are creative and sometimes wacky, her photo styling is simple and lovely, and she just makes people smile wherever she goes."

5. Julia Turshen (

Instagram: @turshen 

Why she rocks: "Julia's activism is such an inspiration to me. Her book, Feed the Resistance, and her example of selfless service to her community have given me a desire to go out and do good in the world."

Displaced Housewife (Rebecca Firth)

Why we love her: We can't get enough of Rebecca's sweet and savory (but mostly sweet) recipes that work for special occasions or easy nights at home. And she's got a great mantra: "Things should be fast (but not always) and easy (I hope) and sometimes healthy (but not often). Don't judge me if I fall flat on all three. I won't judge you either."

Rebecca's Faves:

1. Zoë Bakes (

Instagram: @zoebakes 

Why she rocks: "All of Zoë's recipes feel like a master class. She shares her intel from culinary school, working in restaurants and writing cookbooks, but there is nothing staid or didactic about her presentation. She infuses so much fun and energy into baking it's infectious! If you're on Instagram, her Stories are a must. I'm addicted."

2. Style Sweet Ca (

Instagram: @stylesweetca 

Why she rocks: "Tessa makes tons of beautiful sweets and desserts, but if I'm looking for gorgeous cakes and amazing (impeccable!) instructions, this is where I turn. Everything Tessa makes looks picture perfect and tastes like heaven. It's witchcraft."

3. Bakers Royale (

Instagram: @bakersroyale_naomi 

Why she rocks: "The very first macarons I ever made were from Naomi's blog and they came out perfect. Which is saying a lot because macarons can be a beast!! She takes everyday ingredients and sweets and turns them into something fresh and spectacular, but always accessible and easily replicated. And I love her for that."

4. Lee From America (

Instagram: @leefromamerica 

Why she rocks: "Adaptagens, college peptides, CBD oil…Lee speaks my love language. When I'm not eating and baking sweets, I'm reading her blog. Because…balance."

5. Vanilla and Bean (

Instagram: @vanillaandbean 

Why she rocks: "I love Traci's blog yes, for the beautiful photos, but also because I use so many of her recipes. She has me using cashew milk (her recipe is amazing) and she just got me hooked on matcha lattes. She makes choosing healthier options look beautiful. For someone that peddles butter and sugar for a living, this is a good thing!"

Bakers Royale (Naomi Robinson)

Why we love her: Naomi's photos are gorgeous and kind of make us want to eat our phones (that's a compliment!). And she's married to another food blogger, Real Food By Dad, so we can only imagine how good their kitchen must smell All. The. Time.

Naomi's Faves:

1. The Beach House Kitchen (

Why she rocks: "Mary Ann's blog is one of my favorites for easy, accessible, no-fuss food made with everyday ingredients. This is the account to follow when you don't know what to make and need something for everyone."

2. Amy's Healthy Baking (

Why she rocks: "This is place I hit up when when I want all the sweets without all the calories. It's the best healthy-ish, almost guilt-free dessert feed out there."

3. Mighty in the Mitten 

Why she rocks: "I love MyThy Huynh's feed for all the inspirational Asian mash-up food like, Chinese Hummus and the mix of stuff coming out of her kitchen and others."

4. Zoë Bakes (

Instagram: @zoebakes

Why she rocks: "When I need a refresher or a crash-course on baking basics, I go here. Zoë's Instagram Story tutorials like 101 Fondant and 101 Pie Crust are definitely going to make you a better baker." 

5. Guac My Life (

Instagram: @guacmylife

Why she rocks: "Natalie Gravois has such an all-around feel-good blog and Instagram feed. There's food, lifestyle, fashion and all the feels! Her thumb-tapping Instagram Stories will draw you into her life and leave you smiling."

Sweet Potato Soul (Jenné Claiborne)

Why we love her: Jenné makes a vegan lifestyle look easy—not to mention totally delicious. Her tips and recipe roundups are super-practical for vegans and non-vegans alike. Because who wouldn't want a meal plan on $30 a week or a whole day of protein-packed recipes?

Jenné's Faves:

1. Veggiekins (

Instagram: @veggiekins  

Why she rocks: "Remy makes vegan and minimalist living fun, colorful, and approachable. In addition to great recipes, she shares inspiration for cutting back on waste, which we could all use. I also love her ethical fashion tips and inspiration."

2. Finding Paola (

Instagram: @findingpaola 

Why she rocks: "Paola is the most colorful, inspiring, and fun fashion and lifestyle blogger. She brings energy and life to every outfit, and is a terrific writer. She's also the owner of the fabulous headwrap company called Fanm Djanm."

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Credit: Photography by Peggy Sirota