In our Summer 2020 issue, Rach talks staying strong and being grateful no matter what life throws at us.

Rach and Friends enjoying icecream
Photography by Mark Williams + Sara Hirakawa
| Credit: Photography by Mark Williams + Sara Hirakawa

How cool are the women on our cover? And the coolest thing about them isn't the celebrity lifestyle, the insane social media followings, or having Oprah on speed dial. What's coolest about them is that they're hustlers who saw a need in the world, felt an urge to fill it, and got busy. That's true of all the women in our third annual Like a Boss feature. I love their stories of adversity and ingenuity and, eventually, success. (I also have a mad crush on Kristen Bell's rescue dogs, Barbara, Frank, and Lola, in the photo at right. Aren't they the cutest?) They all know that a huge part of becoming a successful boss is to first be a humble worker and have gratitude for the work itself.

This issue celebrates the strength of women. Lately we've all had to find our strength, humanity, patience, and our inner domesticity. At press time for this issue, many Americans were barely leaving home to prevent the spread of COVID-19—except to go to the grocery store. You may be weary of home cooking, but what we've all been reminded of in these weeks and months is that there's something beautiful about the simple things—supporting each other, connecting with each other, and feeding each other.

three small dogs
Reason number 7,624 to love Kristen Bell? She adopts senior dogs. Meet (from left) Barbara, Frank, and Lola. Adopt, don’t shop!
| Credit: Photo Courtesy Kristen Bell

There are many mouths to feed in this country. And I was raised to believe that the more money you earn, the more that's expected of you. So I've decided to allocate, through The Rachael Ray Foundation and my Yum-o! Organization, $4 million to support COVID-19 relief efforts in ways large and small, with groups large and small that are coming to our collective rescue: Feeding America, Share Our Strength, World Central Kitchen, The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, ReThink Food, North Shore Animal League, Best Friends Animal Society, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, and others. And my pet food brand, Nutrish, will donate 4 million meals through's Rescue Bank, which provides food to animal shelters and pet parents in need. They're all performing miracles and we're humbled to be able to help them.

I hope that when our next issue is out, we can go back to enjoying meals hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder. In the meantime, I'm going to focus on what this crisis has taught us: That even when we're apart, we're in it together.



About Our Cover

The mural that serves as a backdrop for our cover has its own woman-powered story. 


The wall outside of Honeypot Studio in Downtown Los Angeles, where we photographed our fabulous cover ladies, features another pretty important woman. A mural by Gabriel and Isaac Fortoul, Bring the Rain, celebrates none other than Mother Nature. "At the time we were working on it in February 2016, there was a drought in L.A.," says Gabriel. "This is Mother Earth calling to the skies for rain." The woman is holding a tall, brightly colored pineapple to show the importance of giving back—in her case, using the rains to grow food and give more life. "It brings color and positivity to the otherwise sad situation of the drought," Gabriel says. "We like to speak visually with positivity and offer solutions." The powerful mural was a fitting accompaniment to our cover, says Gabriel. "That feminine energy—it's something we could all use a lot more of. Learn more about the Fortoul brothers on Instagram @fortoulbrothers or at

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