Whether you're Italian, Italian American, or just an Italian-at-heart.
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Photography by Simon Emmett
| Credit: Photography by Simon Emmett

For this issue, my consigliere, editor in chef of Rachael Ray Every Day, and fellow Italian American Lauren Iannotti and I partnered to pack the power of a special message onto every page. That message: If you want to enjoy your life more, you might try living it more like an Italian. Just like our magazine's motto—Take a Bite Outta Life!—the word gusto defines who we are because we embrace the idea that there's joy to be found in living every day in a big, full way. Just changing up the routine of what you eat, or how you communicate with others, or the energy level that you throw into your job or family life can make each day a little more delicious, more thrilling, more fun than the one before it. We may be biased, but we think Italians get this.

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Rachael with editor in chief Lauren Iannotti
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Italians are hardworking people, but they also know how to relax with gusto. A big laugh, a glass of wine, time to talk and laugh with each other, taking a moment to notice the simple pleasures—these are the keys to quality of life. Flip through this issue and you'll find ideas and inspiration all over the place (Italians are not known for restraint) for how to embrace the sweet life, whether you're a paesano by birth or you're an honorary member of the club. Commonsense advice, a passion for food and home, beautiful things that are beautifully made, and pictures and moments to make you smile and take a deep, cleansing breath—you're about to get them all in abbondanza


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