10 Female Trailblazers Who Made History in 2019

It’s hard to believe we’re still breaking down gender barriers in 2019, but it’s true. Here are some recent trailblazers you should know.
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Nina Compton

Nina Compton

Chef-owner of Compère Lapin in New Orleans

First African American woman to win the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: South



Philippa guy

Philippa Guy

Senior bartender at the American Bar in London

First female senior bartender at the Savoy Hotel bar in London in a century



Marianne Barnes

Marianna Eaves

Master distiller at Castle & Key Distillery in Millville, Kentucky 

First female master distiller of bourbon in Kentucky



Sabine Nakamara

Sabine Delettre Nakamura

Bartender at the Royal Bar in Tokyo 

First female bartender at the Royal Bar at the famous Palace Hotel Tokyo



Ashley Eddie

Ashley Eddie

Chef at Santina in New York City 

First female executive chef to helm a restaurant with the Major Food Group hospitality company



Dominique Crenn

Domonique Crenn

Chef-owner of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco 

First female chef to earn three Michelin stars in the United States



Maggie Timoney

Maggie Timoney

CEO of Heineken USA 

First female CEO of a major beer company in the United States



Beth Ford

Beth Ford

CEO of Land O’Lakes 

First openly gay woman known to lead a company on the Fortune 500 list



Clare smith

Clare Smyth

Chef-owner of Core in London 

First female chef to run and retain a restaurant with three Michelin stars in the United Kingdom



Mashama Bailey

Mashama Bailey

Chef at the Grey in Savannah 

First African American chef showcased on the Netflix hit series Chef’s Table