Like mother and father, like daughter!

Dax Shepard and Kristin Bell
Rachael Ray Show/Youtube
| Credit: Rachael Ray Show/Youtube

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have already established themselves as The World's Greatest Celebrity Couple™. The actor duo has been together for 12 years, and they're always giving us the funny, down-to-earth relationship content we need.

Turns out, they're also raising some pretty awesome children. The couple's daughters—4-year-old Delta and 6-year-old Lincoln—are as creative, funny, and intelligent as Kristen and Dax themselves. 

Dax, who's also a writer, has taught Delta and Lincoln a lot about story structure, so the girls are quick to pick up on story lines and spoil what's going to happen.

Take an episode of Paw Patrol, for instance. The characters might keep talking about a someone who is a great biker and never falls off his bike. "[Delta] will look at me and go, 'I bet he's gonna fall off his bike. They're prepping us,'" Kristen said.

Lincoln's had her share of spoilers, too. She saw Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse at the theater with a friend recently. When she noticed her friend getting a little nervous, Lincoln leaned over and said,"It's okay. The hero always wins, and this is just the conflict that all story needs." 


"I wish I lived closer," Rach said. "Now I want to babysit. I want to learn."

Their creativity and knowledge are inspiring, Kristen and Dax agree, but they differ a bit in their parenting styles.

Kristen's the good cop parent—"mainly because I'm intensely co-dependent and I cave," she says—while Dax is the disciplinarian. Kristen thinks the girls make good arguments that should be respected. Dax thinks they make a lot of arguments, about 10 percent of which are worth hearing.

So there are disagreements. But Kristen and Dax are still the best, and we're next in line to babysit after Rach.

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