Kraft Heinz, Twisted Ranch Launch 5 New Keto-Friendly Ranch Flavors

Um, did we mention there's a Cheesy Smoked Bacon flavor?
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Cheesy Smoked Bacon Ranch Bottle

Calling all ranch lovers! Kraft Heinz is bringing not one, not two, but five tasty new flavors of ranch to grocery stores nationwide.

Kraft Heinz and Twisted Ranch, a ranch-obsessed restaurant in St. Louis, have joined forces to roll out the bold new flavors, which include Black Peppered Parmesan Ranch, Cheesy Smoked Bacon Ranch, Honey Dipped Wasabi Ranch, Garlic Smashed Buffalo Ranch, and Mango Spiked Habanero Ranch. All but one of the five mouthwatering dressings (Mango Spiked Habanero Ranch) are already available on Walmart's site for $2.47 per bottle, which is perfect if you enjoy dipping anything and everything in ranch dressing.

“Twisted Ranch is the only restaurant in America with 33 different mouthwatering spins on ranch made in-house, daily,” said Twisted Ranch co-founder and owner Chad Allen in a press release. “With the help of Kraft Heinz, we’ve been able to bring our one-of-a-kind ranch dressings from St. Louis to ranch nation, no wait time required.”

And whether you love dipping your pizza in ranch (don't judge, okay?), or you prefer to stick with veggies and chicken wings, you'll feel better knowing the dressings are all four grams of carbs or fewer, which is great if you're following the Keto diet. Win-win!

Each 13-oz. bottle retails for $3.29. Visit for more information about St. Louis' ranch-themed restaurant.

Take a closer look at all five ranch flavors below:

Black Pepper Parmesan Ranch Bottle

Black Pepper Parmesan Ranch, $3.29

Garlic Smashed Buffalo Ranch Bottle

Garlic Smashed Buffalo Ranch, $3.29

Honey Dipped Wasabi Ranch Bottle

Honey Dipped Wasabi Ranch, $3.29

Cheesy Smoked Bacon Ranch Bottle

Cheesy Smoked Bacon Ranch, $3.29

Mango Spiked Habanero Ranch Bottle

Mango Spiked Habanero Ranch, $3.29