We chatted with Rach’s longtime friend Kate Hudson on all things gut health, giving our immune systems a boost during the pandemic, and why you should seriously consider throwing a probiotic into your daily routine.


When it comes to health, you name it and your gut microbiome probably has something to do with it. Our energy levels, immune functioning, digestion, and even mood all have links to a happy and healthy gut microbiome. But when it comes to good and bad belly bacteria, it can be hard to understand what's going on underneath the hood—and how to take the first steps in getting your gut in tip-top shape.

Kate Hudson wants to demystify caring for your microbiome. "Wellness can be daunting, especially when you start hearing the things that you need to do in order to get a healthy gut. It's intense!" Hudson tells RRIS. "But totally the way forward." While the actress-turned-entrepreneur has been all in on gut health for years, her line of holistic wellness blends, INBLOOM, aims to simplify supplements.

Photo Courtesy of Kate Huds

Rachael loves INBLOOM's holistic nutritional powders, like Beauty Aura and Energy Shift, which are packed with vitamins and herbs (like adaptogens, which help regulate our body's ability to adapt to stress), and easy to throw into a smoothie or mix into water to sip on throughout the day. Plus, all of INBLOOM's blends are plant-based and free of any unnecessary fillers—a win-win for your body, and the planet.

We caught up with Kate via Zoom to talk why she's so passionate about the gut, growing up with a health-forward mom, and launching her own line of plant-based wellness blends—which now includes a probiotic

What made you want to focus on gut health specifically with this new launch? What do you wish more people knew about caring for their microbiome?

KH: The interesting thing about our gut, and a probiotic, is that we don't really feel it in the same way [as other supplements], or immediately. Gut health is something that you can't feel or see. It takes time. When you're getting your gut healthy, you don't realize that's what's creating a glow in your skin; that's what's making your hair grow and feel stronger; that's what's making your digestive system move clearer or your body starting to metabolize food differently. But, it changes everything! 

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Photo Courtesy of Kate Hudson

What first got you hooked on a clean-ingredient, holistic approach to wellness? Why do you think doubling down on a healthy routine is more important than ever this year? 

KH: I grew up with a mother who was always into crazy, interesting, new things that are good for you. My mom has always been forward-thinking with her health, so I grew up with a lot of that. In these last ten years, I think it's ramped up and people are realizing that not only is our physical health important, but that it has a big impact on our mental health—how those two things can marry each other, and how important they are to go hand in hand. 

And then, here we are in a pandemic. I think it just really puts our health at the forefront—the fear and anxiety makes people think, oh, I need to be looking more closely at my health. 

What are you most excited about in terms of the probiotic?

KH: I don't like taking pills, so everything [from INBLOOM] is usually powder form, but I'm not going to compromise on what is best for your system. For instance, a probiotic is best taken in a capsule—it's small, you get billions and billions of probiotic units in there as you can, and create a blend that you know is going to be highly potent. And it's simple! Not difficult, right? That's kind of my whole thing. I want to source the best material, and I want it to be simple to take and add into your routine. 

Photo Courtesy of Kate Hudson

Who do you see most loving INBLOOM?

KH: I'm always speaking to myself and I'm speaking to other women—but at the same time, I'm the one giving it to my son and I'm the one giving it to my partner. I do what I like, but I never exclude anyone. I've got more boys in my life than I do women! So it's really for everybody, but at the same time, the person that I really hope gets excited about this is the person that wants to invest in their health. 

Check out the INBLOOM online journal, Full Bloom, for more gut-healthy tips, good-for-you recipes, and inspiration from Kate!