A video of Jen being forced by her kids to fly down a metal slide is the best way to start the week.

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Rachael Ray Show/YouTube
| Credit: Rachael Ray Show/YouTube

When Jennifer Garner joined Instagram in 2017, everyone quickly became obsessed. Her feed was full of fun, authentic content, such as throwback pics from 13 Going on 30, uplifting quotes on letter boards, and, perhaps most famously, Pretend Cooking Show videos. 

It's no surprise, then, that her appearance on the Rachael Ray Show was enjoyable to watch. 

The star started by breaking our hearts just a little when Rach asked if she might ever turn Pretend Cooking Show into a real cooking show. 

"I don't know enough to have my own cooking show," Jen said. (Check out one of her recent shows featuring her major struggle to peel garlic.) "I like a 3-and-a-half minute cooking show that I do with my friend in my kitchen and an iPhone, and it's done, and she makes it funny and cute."

But in return for the minor let-down, Jen offered up an inside look at her most recent Yes Day with her kids. Inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal's book Yes Day!, Jennifer gives her kids one day each year where she says yes to anything her kids ask. "I completely block out the day," she says. "I put my phone away. Whatever they say, I say, 'Yes, yes, let's do it!'" 

The first few Yes Days, her kids' requests were innocent enough. They ate ice cream for breakfast and temporarily died their hair green. But then things took a turn for Jen. 

"My stinking kids have discovered that they can use Yes Day to make me do things I don't want to do," she said. 

This year, that meant flying down a big metal slide. Dressed in a protective red jumpsuit and a thick helmet, Jen was gripping a rope at the top of the slide, hanging on for dear life. When she finally let go, she flew down the slide (inspiring a mini scream from Rach), arms flailing and face slightly shocked.

"It's Let's Torture Mom Day," Rach said. 

Her misfortune is our reward. We'll be watching this video every day this week.