Sky-high stacks of soufflé pancakes are about to take over your Instagram feed.

Japanese souffle pancakes
Photo courtesy @thebellychronicles
| Credit: Photo courtesy @thebellychronicles

Consider these the fanciest, fluffiest flapjacks ever. Jiggly Japanese-style soufflé pancakes have come stateside—and are going viral. Whipped up with egg whites and cooked in a metal mold, the puffy pancakes are known for their airy thickness and towering height. The treats were photo-friendly on their own, but when drizzled with syrup, dolloped with butter, and dressed with fresh fruit, they became overnight stars. Last year, the trend went west to Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes in Toronto and Fuwa Fuwa Café in London. (Fuwafuwa means "fluffy" in Japanese, FYI.) Now it's causing a stir in major U.S. cities. In December, Souffle's in Los Angeles brought the hotcakes to Koreatown with flavors like tiramisu, matcha, strawberry, and caramel-banana. Block-long lines of New Yorkers hung out in the freezing cold for the piled-high pancakes at Taiyaki in Chinatown when the dish debuted there in February. And in April, Northern California got a bite of the fluffy phenomenon when the first U.S. outpost of Japan's Gram Cafe & Pancakes chain arrived in San Francisco.