The #InstantPotChallenge begins April 21—here's how to participate.


With schools across America closed for an indefinite period of time and millions of people left unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's harder than ever for parents to provide meals for their children. Plus, with many guardians taking on the role of at-home teacher while still working full- or part-time jobs, there's little time to prepare a nutritious and delicious meal.

That's where Instant Pot comes in. The magical meal maker cooks just about everything—full chickens, eggs, potatoes, pasta—in mere minutes. It has completely revolutionized the speed at which meals can be prepared, and we're not just talking about dinner! Instant Pots will fast-forward your breakfast, dessert, and snack options until you've forgotten how to use any other cookware.

But these dynamite appliances can put you out more than $100, which is the opposite of what we all need right now. That's exactly why Instant Pot has teamed up with Save the Children, a leading global charity, to give away up to 10,000 Instant Pots to families who are hurting due to COVID-19 ramifications.

Save the Children will work with schools and community partners in under-served, remote communities to identify families and children who are struggling and would benefit from an Instant Pot. 

The model that's up for grabs is the Duo Nova, which offers seven appliance utilities in one product: pressure cooker, sauté pan, rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, food warmer, and yogurt maker. Whew!

But Instant Pot needs your help to make the donations possible. Every time the hashtag #InstantPotChallenge is sent out on social media, the company will provide one Duo Nova for a family in need. One hashtag = one Instant Pot donated and one family enjoying easier meals.

Here's exactly how to do it: Take a picture of your favorite Instant Pot meal in front of the appliance (aka, make sure both the meal and the Instant Pot are in the pic). Share the picture on social media with the #InstantPotChallenge and #HomeCookOff hashtags, and tag @SavetheChildren and @Instantpotofficial. Then tag 3 to 5 of your friends to help spread the word! 


Save the Children has a strong presence in some of America's least-served and most remote rural communities. Beneficiary families live in these under-resourced communities that were struggling well before COVID-19 arrived. Within these communities, local Save the Children staff works alongside schools and community partners to identify families with young children most struggling, who could greatly benefit from an Instant Pot.

This is the perfect way to make a difference if you feel you can't afford to donate money right now but still want to help those in need. All it takes is a few minutes and a couple clicks, and you'll be helping someone in need with a super-useful product.

Instant Pot plans to deliver the products by June 15, so get tweeting and gramming!