This growing vacation trend will help you reconnect while you disconnect.
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Remember when high-tech perks were the cutting-edge thing in hotels—like light-speed Internet, in-room docks for gadgets, and loaner iPads? It seems the pendulum is swinging in the other direction, and digital detoxing is becoming big business. 

While off-the-grid getaways have provided tech-free escapes for years, big-name chains are jumping on the bandwagon with optional add-ons that allow guests to fork over their smartphones at the front desk—and, in some cases, reward them for it. 

1. Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental offers Device-Free Date Night packages at select hotels (from $299 per night) and Digital Wellness Escape spa treatments (prices vary depending on location), so you can better focus on yourself. 

2. Renaissance Hotel

At its Pittsburgh location, the Renaissance Hotel takes its Detox Digital Getaway a step further: Along with co-opting your devices, the hotel will replace your room's usual television and iPhone speaker dock with analog amusements, like playing cards and board games. 

3. Wyndham Grand Hotels

Wyndham Grand Hotels is even offering a digital-free discount. At select locations, families can get 5 percent off their stay if they pledge to put down their phones and instead pick up activity sheets, stuffed animals, and blanket-fort kits. And if you're worried about missing out on capturing the moment, they provide an instant camera for phone-free snapping. So relax and leave the chargers at home—on purpose.