Don't flip out—this treat is easier than it looks.


First there was whipped Dalgona coffee. Then there was whipped strawberry milk. Now the internet's newest breakfast obsession has taken a more carby twist: pancake cereal.

This isn't a pancake-flavored cereal from the grocery store, nor is it just a stack of pancakes topped with crunchy cereal bits. It's actual pancakes in miniature form tossed into a cereal bowl and eaten with a spoon. It's basically your favorite breakfast with more sweet carbs. 

It's super easy to try you hand at the trend. Just mix up your favorite flapjack recipe (any flavor with any dietary restrictions, like gluten-free or vegan), pour it into a piping bag, and dot a bunch of teeny pancakes onto your greased cooking surface. Cook as you would a normal pancake, flipping halfway, but beware the quick burn. They cakes are so tiny and fragile you'll need to a keep a close watch! You may need to use a small tool, like a chopstick, to flip each little hotcake individually. 

A few pro tips: First, make your batter a bit runnier than you normally would. This will give you soft pancakes perfect for eating off a spoon. Next, keep the piping bag opening small so you can easily control your pancake size. You'll want to aim for pancakes the size of a cereal like Cheerios. If you don't have a piping piping bag, just grab a plastic bag and snip the teensiest bit off the corner.

After cooking is complete, it's time to get creative. Feel free to serve your baby cakes up like cereal with a sliced banana and drizzle with milk, or let out your inner artist. People all over the internet have added some dreamy toppings, like mini M&Ms, melted chocolate, and alllll the fruit.

Some of our pancake cereal recommendations: 

Red velvet pancake batter + mini chocolate chips + fresh raspberries

You've got all the tools—now get those hotcakes flipping!

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