Hot diggity dog! Get your buns in gear because the the world's best job is now hiring.


Oscar Mayer is currently collecting applications for what might be the greatest entry-level gig in the world: Hotdogger. What makes the position so great? Hotdoggers get to drive the company's legendary Wienermobile—a giant hot dog-shaped vehicle—all around the country for the one-year assignment.

2019 Hotdogger Class
The Hotdogger Class of 2019

Besides getting paid to zig-zag across the United States in a giant weenie, this dream job includes serving as a brand ambassador and spokesperson for the company. Other duties include making appearances, giving interviews, attending charity functions, maintaining the company car, and organizing promotions and other publicity-related matters. Hotdoggers travel two to a Weinermobile (there are six vehicles in total). No word on whether an unlimited supply of frankfurters comes with the job.

Applicants for the twelve full-time paid positions should be college seniors or recent grads with a BA or BS in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising, or marketing. The jobs are extremely coveted—according to the company, more people have been to outer space than have held the Hotdogger position. In addition to sounding like a carnival of fun, the job provides an exceptional marketing experience. Former employees have gone to on jobs at the Chicago Cubs, NBC's Today Show, and many high-profile public relations and advertising agencies.

"We're eager to see who will cut the mustard in 2020 and travel the country on behalf of the OscarMayerbrand," said Matt Riezman, associate director of the company. New hires will spend two weeks in June at Hot Dog High, where they'll select a Hotdogger name, learn how to parallel park the Wienermobile and become a master of hot dog puns. 

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile 2

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would be a position to relish, so ketchup on updating your resume! Click here for more information. (Hurry! Applications must be in by January 31.)