No one asked for food merch, but now it's here—and very cute.

The Reynolds Wrap

The Reynolds® WRAP 3

Reynolds Wrap foil usually wraps your food to keep it safe—now let it wrap you in warmth and comfort. Get it before it sells out!

White Castle Holiday Ugly Sweater

WKZ0108 - Ugly Sweater

Everyone loves an ugly sweater; everyone loves a juicy burger. Put 'em together and you've got the food apparel of your dreams.

Hidden Valley Ranch Holiday Adult Onesie


Calling all ranch lovers! If you put the creamy dressing on anything and everything, you've gotta have this cartoon-y onesie. P.S.: You can also get your mini-me a smaller version.

$75 plus tax;

Taco Bell X Tipsy Elves Mild Sauce Packet Jumpsuit

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 2.59.27 PM

This onesie is coming in hot! Seriously, the hot sauce and medium sauce versions of are already sold out, so you better get shopping. If you miss out on this, though, there's always the burrito blanket and "Taco Bell or bust" sweatshirt.

Beyoncé 'Your Favorite Wrapper' Tee

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 3.04.42 PM

What can't she do? You can now wear an entire outfit with Beyoncé's face on it—including this punny, holiday-themed tee. It's not food, but it's Bey. Ergo, it matters. You should also probably buy the ornament set, which has Queen Bey's face on it, too. 

Oreo Print Christmas Onesie


Milk's favorite cookie? More like your new favorite PJs. The cozy getup's pattern even has tiny penguins and polar bears on it—how can you resist?


Coors Light Holiday Onesie

Coors Light Adult Onesie 2

If you're ringing in the new year at home, there's no better companion than a beer-themed onesie. Cheers!

Campbell's Chunky Sleevie Blanket


Snuggle up with this extra-warm blanket that comes with sleeves—so you can enjoy Campbell's chunky soup without having cold arms. Campbell's also released the perfect chunky soup utensil, a double-sided spork, which fits perfectly into the designated pocket. Don't worry. There's a soup can pocket, too.

Hot Sox Knish Me Socks


For Hanukkah-celebrating foodies, these socks are challah-bout the holiday spirit.

Andre Champagne Stocking Sweater


Champagne is the best stocking stuffer, so why not carry it around with you at all times? Perfect for Christmas day, New Year's Eve, or a regular Friday night.