"I don't kid around."


Henry Winkler may be forever known and loved as "The Fonz" on Happy Days, the character he played on the show from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. His character became a cultural phenomenon, the leather-jacketed epitome of "chill."

But despite his fame, it took Henry a while to win an Emmy—until 2018, to be exact.

"I have been nominated so many times, and my tush never left the chair," he told Rach during an appearance on her talk show. 

So he was thrilled when his tush did leave the chair in 2018, when he won the award for best supporting actor in comedy series Barry, on which he plays Gene Cousineau. 

And he's not letting the delay in getting an Emmy hurt his pride. When Rach asked him where he keeps the award in his home, he proudly shared its prominent location. 

"Some people say, 'I put it in the bathroom;' some people say, 'Oh, it's in the closet,'" he said. "Mine is on the dining room table ... directly opposite the front door. So when they deliver my Lipitor, I just ... [slowly gestures as if pointing to the Emmy]," he says.  

And the award isn't just sitting there clandestinely. Henry's got it glammed out so anyone who walks in can't miss it. "We put flowers directly behind it so that when you look through the globe, you see beautiful pink roses," he says. "Yeah, I don't kid around." 

During his visit with Rach, Henry also revealed that he had the chance to be another iconic cool character—Danny Zuko in Grease—but he turned it down. 

"I can dance Grease, but I can't sing Grease," he said, "so I thought, you know, I'd just played The Fonz for 10 years. I'm gonna say no. One of the great decisions of my life because John Travolta, who really deserved it, is great, and he really is Danny."

Henry may be 50 years older than he was when he played Fonzie, but clearly, he's still the epitome of cool.