The actress also shared wedding tips and the best advice she's ever received from her mom.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Rachael Ray make fish tacos
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Ever wanted to indulge in a taco without feeling guilty? So has Gwyneth Paltrow—many times. 

The actress and CEO of Goop, a wellness website and company, appeared on the Rachael Ray Show to share one of her fave clean-eating recipes: allergen-free fish tacos with jicama tortillas and aquafaba cream.

When Gwyneth was trying to come up with recipes for her new cookbook, The Clean Plate: Eat, Reset, Heal, she was on a clean-eating detox to help her get more creative with food.

"Sometimes constraints help you be really creative with recipes," she said. One of those constraints was not having corn, as it can be an allergen for some people.

But then the cravings hit. "I was like, 'I will kill someone for a taco right now,' but I couldn't have one," she said.

So one of Gwyneth's food editors came up with the idea of using thinly sliced jicama as the tortilla.

"There's something about picking up a taco and eating it that, psychologically, you're like, 'I'm not on a detox plan!'" Gwyneth said.

She topped the jicama tortillas with red cabbage tossed with lime juice, grilled fish, cumin and lime aquafaba crema, onions, avocado, and cilantro.

"These tacos look gorgeous," Rach said. "It's that mental fake-out, you know, that you're eating something that's no-so-great for you, that you associate with being a little bad for you—Tuesday taco night or whatever—but really it's delicious and lovely and light!"

Also during her visit, Gwyneth told the audience about her recent wedding. She got married in September of 2018 and said she'd recommend every couple do one thing after their wedding: drink a glass of wine alone.

Right after the ceremony, she said, "We just went, the two of us, into a room and had a glass of wine" before the craziness of photos and dancing began.

"I would recommend that," she said. "That was really special."

She also shared the best advice she's ever received from her mom. When Gwyneth was 19 and just beginning her acting career, she wasn't having much success. After auditioning for a role she really wanted and watching another young actress get the part, she was devastated.

"I thought, 'I'm never going to make it,' and I was saying to my mom, I said, 'She's not even that good,'" Gwyneth recalled.

And then her mom said something that Gwyneth said has stuck with her to this day: "Don't ever compare yourself to another woman. Don't ever speak negatively of another woman. Don't compete in that way."

"That's such an important lesson," Rach said. "There's so much negativity in the world," she said. "There's absolutely no reason for it."

Tacos, wine, and female empowerment: What's not to love?