Eat + Run: Fruit Pies

Treat yourself to a slice (or two) of the country’s best fruit-packed pies. Even sweeter: You can order most of them from home!
fruit pie


THE SPOT: Helen's Restaurant has been a local favorite since 1950. These days you'll find ravenous crowds lined up for the spot's famous combo: deepfried haddock and chips, chased with warm blueberry pie. (28 E. Main St., 207-255-8423;

THE SPECS: The kitchen churns out about a hundred pies a day ($4 a slice) -- with a lard crust and barely-cooked blueberries plucked from nearby fields. In August, you can also try their summer pie, filled with only the sweetest raw berries.


THE SPOT: Head to the city's historic Martin Luther King Jr. district, and let your nose lead you to Sweet Auburn Bread Company. The two-table storefront peddles tasty goods like peach pie and sweet-potato cheesecake, all made by proprietor Sonya Jones and her son Bobby. (234 Auburn Ave., N.E., 404-221-1157;

THE SPECS: A punch of tender, sugared Georgia peaches and a buttery crust make the personal-size pie ($8) an Atlanta obsession. Make like the natives and pair it with a tall glass of cold milk.


THE SPOT: Floriole Bakery's blue tent at the farmer's market -- and the brand new store of the same name -- are teeming with rustic quiches and baked goods, whipped up with local produce and organic flour and eggs. The only thing sweeter than Mathieu and Sandra Holl's pies is their toddler daughter. (2119 N. Rockwell St., 773-252- 0095;

THE SPECS: In classic French style, the galettes ($5 small, $24 large) bear a light, flaky pastry crust -- an ideal base for the just-picked raspberries and nectarines tucked inside.


THE SPOT: Savvy Seattle road trippers pull over at Lone Pine Fruit & Espresso, a retro-cool joint by the highway. On summer Saturday nights, the bar opens, a blues band plays and the shake machine whirls up fresh fruit smoothies. (23041 Hwy. 97, 509-682-1514)

THE SPECS: Grandma Jean (owner Jim Walker's mom) cobbles together the almond crumble sour cherry pie ($3.50 a slice, $13 a pie) with fruit grown yards away. You'll need to walk farther to burn it off: The à la mode version weighs an entire pound


THE SPOT: Lazy home chefs in San Francisco's East Bay head to Pot Pie Paradise & Deli to stock up on -- you guessed it -- homemade potpies, with fillings such as spicy Balinese beef or Thai curry chicken. (3522 Arden Road, 510-781-4994)

THE SPECS: Nine-to-fivers from nearby offices celebrate happy hour with the piña colada pie ($4 personal size, $15, regular), a combo of roasted California pineapples, coconut milk and brown sugar. The familiar yet hard-to-identify ingredient: a splash of dark rum.

*Prices and other details were accurate when we published this article in August 2008.