The newest treatments for skin and hair are taking inspiration from your favorite beverages. Here are five products to soak up this spring.


nyakio kenyan coffee face polish
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

You may be barely functional before your morning cup o'joe, but what if your skin was begging for that boost, too? Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Face Polish ($32, combines the buzzy stuff with shea butter and jojoba beads for a creamy scrub that leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed—but won't make you jittery.

Coconut Water

garnier whole blends hydrating shampoo
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

A good option for post-gym hydration? Popping open a cold carton of coconut water. Re-create the experience for your strands with Garnier Whole Blends Hydrating Shampoo with Coconut Water & Aloe Vera Extracts ($7,, and pair it with the matching conditioner. Hair will feel moisturized but not weighed down.


fresh black tea kombucha facial treatment
Credit: Courtesy of Fresh

This fizzy fermented brew is said to be packed with probiotics to keep your gut healthy. Turns out, all that "good" bacteria may also be good for your skin. Give it a go with the cooling Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence ($68, Swipe it on after cleansing, before your moisturizer.

Green Tea

st. ives matcha green tea cleansing stick
Credit: Courtesy of St. Ives

Dermatologists love green tea for its antioxidant powers, and skin-care brands are responding by using potent matcha in their products. The ingenious St. Ives Matcha Green Tea & Ginger Cleansing Stick ($8, removes dirt and makeup, for skin that's clean and, arguably, detoxified. Just rub the stick over wet skin, massage with fingertips to lather up, and rinse.

Soy Milk

patchology milk peel flashmasque
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

Like a tall glass of your favorite "mylk," Patchology Milk Peel FlashMasque ($30 for a pack of four, aims to quench your skin's thirst. Each individually wrapped treatment comes soaked in soy and coconut milks (to soothe) and lactic acid (to gently exfoliate). Place the sheet over your face for five minutes and get ready to glow.