Look like an actual snack this Halloween with these food-themed costumes.

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A pickle 

Pickle 6544

So you can quite literally be in a pickle. Or cool as a cucumber. Whatever tickles your pickle. $21

Group s'mores 


For the friends who love each other so much if makes everyone feel soft and melty inside. You just can't get enough! You need s'more. $89.99

Baby corn on the cob 


It's got a pat of butter on top, and it's the cutest darn thing we've ever seen. Not even a little corny. $34.99

A box of takeout


Take your takeout out on the town! $50 

Cheese and wine 

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 1.23.40 PM

The MOST iconic duo. Ever. And at a price you can't whine about. $31.99

The breakfast club


Give the cult '80s classic a literal interpretation with this crew of breakfast costumes. Try it! See how it stacks up. $73.95

A beer train with your buds


You weren't sure if there was going to be beer, so you dressed as it, just in case. See? $39.99

A to-go coffee cup 


Bad for the environment, good for your Insta feed. Caution: Contents are hot. $44.99

A chocolate-dipped strawberry baby 


Because babies are sweet but mostly because this picture is adorable $24.99


Adult Kool-Aid Costume

If you get this, you really must wear it with black dress pants and dress shoes, as pictured here. Formal attire with a cartoon jug is what makes this so kool. $54.99

A Gingerbread person


You'll have so much fun getting bready for the night. $54.99

A Swedish Fish 


Swedish Fish will never go out of style. Costume is not to scale. (Scale!) $39.99

A pizza flask 


You know you knead it. $14.99

Hot Dog Dog

Frisco Hotdog Ketchup Dog & Cat Costume-5

For your dog, who is a hottie and deserves to be a hot hot-dog dog. (The costume is equally flattering on cats; you just miss out on the pun.) $7-9